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I provide high-quality, dynamic, believable voiceover that just might be perfect for your next Commercial, eLearning, Interactive, Animation or Narration project. Something else in mind that requires voiceover? Let's talk about it! 

If you're looking for thoughtful voiceover that hits the mark, let's discuss how I can help bring your next project to life.


...and yes, I am a total voiceover geek.



  • Jonathan's voice talents have been utilized for a variety of presentations and pilots produced by School of Humans, as well as scratch VO for an upcoming series for A&E/Netflix.

  • Jonathan narrates the ongoing Caverns and Creatures series of Fantasy/Comedy novels and short stories written by Robert Bevan.

  • This best-selling series of 14 titles has over 35,000 reviews on Audible and regularly tops Audible's charts in the Humor, Dark Humor, and Fantasy categories.

  • All characters are uniquely and distinctly voiced by Jonathan.

  • Jonathan's performance on Audible is currently averaged at 4.8 out of 5 stars over all titles.

  • Jonathan receives coaching from industry veterans, Thessaly Lerner and Brian Bremer, has attended improv classes at Dad's Garage, and voiceover workshops and classes at Atlanta Voiceover Studio from Sally Neal and Steve Henderson.

  • He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Kelly, and son, Fletcher.



I record and produce from my personal - pro studio in Atlanta. 

Here's some of the equipment I like to use:

MacBook Pro

Neumann TLM 107

Tech Zone Stellar X2

Universal Audio Apollo MK 2 Interface

a variety of digital preamps, compressors, plugins

Adobe Audition

Izotope RX

Zoom, Skype, Source Connect



  • Critical Failures: Shit is about to Get Real

  • d6: A Caverns and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures II:  Fail Harder

  • 2d6: A Cavern and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures III: A Storm of S-Words

  • 3d6: A Cavern and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures IV: The Phantom Pinas

  • 4d6: A Cavern and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures V: V is for Five

  • 5d6: A Cavern and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures VI: The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral

  • 6d6: A Cavern and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Critical Failures VII: Septapussy

  • 7d6: A Caverns and Creatures Mini-Adventure Collection

  • Klaus Encounters: The Legend of Klaus Richter 

  • The Relativist: Occupational Hazards Book 2


"Jonathan Sleep portrays all characters usual. I’m left anxiously awaiting the next audiobook in the C&C universe!"

"He is just as much a part of Critical Failures as any character from the book. He makes them all come to life. The audiobook is truly better than the book because of the personality he brings to the characters."

"If you haven't read Critical Failures do yourself a favor and get in it. Jonathan Sleep does an amazing fucking job narrating Robert Bevan's powerful series."

"Wow! Funny, awesome, and superbly narrated! This is pure F'ing gold!! Sooo funny, sooo well written, and sooo hilariously narrated!"

"Funny and engaging. This was one of the best narrators I've heard. The cast of characters was constantly growing and each new character sounded distinct. In many cases, a character voice would change in some way and it was the narrator doing a voice doing a voice -- and he nailed it."



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