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​Thanks for stopping by. So here is a little about myself - I'll try to be brief...

I am and always have been a great lover of media. From my earliest days I knew I was a sucker for a good story whether it was told in Film, Television, Radio or Print. I remember in 3rd grade telling a schoolmate (fairly confidently) that I would be in commercials someday. It seems there was hardly a moment when my eyes weren't either glued to the TV, ears to the radio or nose stuck in a book.

When I started learning to play guitar (7th, 8th grade?) I realized I could write songs and carry a tune and since then, I don't think there was a time when I wasn't a part of some kind of musical project. I've always loved writing and performing music and placing myself in front of a mic in that way was one of the things that cued me to a possible place in the world of Voice Over.

In 2014 I started working for a great TV production company, School of Humans, and have learned alot and have met and worked with a ton of wonderful and talented people. Parallel to this, I was also cutting my teeth in Audiobook production working on Robert Bevan’s Caverns and Creatures series, an on-going Comedy/Fantasy collection of novels and short stories (enjoy at your own risk). People seemed to like it and I loved being behind the mic, telling the story and voicing the characters. When my son, Fletcher, was born I took the opportunity to make a change in my life and, with the blessing of my brilliant and supportive wife, throw myself into pursuing Voice Over in a full-time capacity.

​Now I'm working hard at developing my VO career. This includes studying the craft and its many permutations, taking workshops, small groups, etc. and getting some great one-on-one coaching from Thessaly Lerner, a VO veteran whom I've been hugely fortunate to work with in my former day job in TV production. So, I'm still learning and growing and making the most of opportunities. And hopefully that will never stop. Mostly, I'm excited about the future.

​Well, that was mostly brief.

If you’d like to bring me on as part of a project you are working on, I’d love to submit an audition. If you are a fan of the work, thanks for the support! It wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding without you.

​The Best Always,